Whether a corporate event, wedding or a birthday party,

we can cater for all requests and tailor a menu to suit.

Catering packages offer something more than our street food. 

Share Food Essen Teilen

Served "food truck" fork food style or platters

Mini grilled cheese kransky with home made tomato ketchup

Baby bratwurst with mild mustard

Fried tilsit cheese with tomato & basil sauce (V)

Mini ham, onion & sour cream tartlettes

Bavarian O'Batzen (cheese dip) with baked pretzel shards (V)

Leberkase on kaiser roll mit mustard

German sausage tasting plate with fries & mustard

Käsespätzle - German/Swabian style mac n cheese bowl

Pepper Cream frikadellen - German meatballs(GF)

Currywurst with pommes frittes -  sliced white sausage, curry ketchup on fries with (GF)

Bresel - salted pretzels with butter (V)

Kaiser roll with leberkäse and german mustard

Kartoffelpuffer - mini potato pancakes with herbed creme fraiche and apple (V)

Rueben roll - corned beef, sauerkraut, emmentaler cheese on a mini rye bread roll

Bayerischer Wurstsalat - traditional Bavarian sausage salad, pickle and red onion

Flammkuchen - bite sized German style thin pizza with bacon & onion

sliders (2).jpg

Kings Feast Konige Fest

A smorgasbord set up served from and around the food truck

A selection of German wurst including tradtional bratwurst, cheese kransky and currywurst with sauces and mustard

Chicken schnitzel\

Pork schnitzel & mushroom sauce (Jaegerschitzel!)

German peppered meatballs

Salads including cucumber and dill, Bavarian roast potato salad, green salad, apple cider slaw

Hot sides including pommes frittes (chips), grilled aspargus with ham, sauerkraut, caramelised onions, braised sweet & sour red cabbage

Dinner rolls

Add the Share Food and/or Dessert menus for  a more substantial dinner

pretz donut.jpg

German BBQ - Grill Party!

Our number one choice for any celebration - smorgasbörd style!

German beer marinated BBQ chicken skewers

Beef & lamb sticks with onion and red pepper

Smoked cheese kransky

Traditional bratwurst

Frikadelan (beef rissoles!)

Sauerkraut, caramelised onions, apple slaw, German potato salad, Spatzle, green salad and kaiser bread rolls. Includes condiments - German Devely mild mustard, sweet Bavarian mustard, tomato ketchup.

Add the Share Food and/or Dessert menus for a more substantial dinner


Sit Down Dinner Hauptmenu 

For a plated and served event


Smoked and cured pork loin with German beer gravy, coleslaw, sauerkraut and pommes frittes

Zwei Wurst

Traditional bratwurst and smoked cheese kransky with pommes frittes, sauerkraut, caramelised onion, slaw and ketchup

Pork Knuckle (Schwienshaxe)

Roasted pork hock with mash potato, rohtkohl (sauerkraut) and demi glace

Beer battered fish

German beer battered fish fillets with pommes frittes, sea salt, lemon, garden salad


Sweet potato frikadellen (rissoles) with garden salad, slaw and pickled cucumber (V)

Hot Gourmet Meal

Dessert Nachtisch

Something sweet ​

Some samples or please see our partner truck

"Alpine Dessert Haus" for more :)

Apfel strudel with whipped cream and almonds


Windbeutel - Cream puffs with bavarian cream and chocolate ganache

Cheese plate - Gruyere cheese, brie, pumpernickel, lavosh and pear paste

Knapfen - German donuts, raspberry marmalade, whipped cream

Apple Crumble Donut - Our most popular choice!

Apple crumble donuts 2

Breakfast Frustuck

On the Go breakfast ​

Free range egg and bacon on a brioche roll with cheese

Strammer Max - Bacon and scrambled egg with sliced tomato on a rye and oat batard

Rollo Ruben - Rye and oat batard filled with corned beef, sauerkraut, cheese, mustard and mayonnaise

Children's Menu Kindermenu

Kids hot dog 

Chicken schnitzel

Grilled chicken fillet


All served with salad and pommes frittes

Baking Cookies
Continental Breakfast